Finding a Place to Buy


Using Locate Alpha, you get to think like a professional investor and form a location strategy that is tailored to you.
When you open Locate Alpha, the heat map will show you the overall score for an area. Green is good ('Go") and red is bad ('Stop'). This gives you a very general sense. Overall score is a one-size-fits-all indicator that helps you get your bearings.
Try out the maps like Crime (found in the Risk category) or GreatSchools Scores (found in the Demand category).
Start by thinking about what’s important to you. Safety? Financial performance? Go to the filters and set a minimum (or maximum) for what’s acceptable to you. Try a 4 out of 10 or lower for Crime, for example.
Every time you apply a filter, you will see the number of matching listings get smaller on the right-hand side of the screen under Opportunities.
You can set as many filters as you want. By combining two, three, or four Filters (or more), you can focus on a few areas with laser precision. All you have to do is set one at at a time.
Once you are down to a few hundred houses, move the map around and zoom in to see them. Click on any one of them to pull up details.
Click on any house to see details. If you like the house, save it to your Favorites.
Generate a report that compares all of your saved houses using the Report button.
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